Hi, I'm 👋Suraj RamchandranI am a third-year Computer Science (B.S.) student at Northeastern University interested in Full-stack Development and Machine Learning.
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December 2022

  • A web application written in React and Javascript that tracks the usage across 5 different sections of my crowded university gym, Marino Center.
  • Wrote a web scraper that is deployed that scraped Marino's website to log sub-hourly usage metrics in a Cloud Firestore document database. Currently at more than 45,000+ documents!
  • Created a front end using React and the Recharts graphing library to show daily usage data for each day per gym section.

February 2022

  • A Python and OpenCV program that controls a computer using gestures captured by the webcam.
  • Won most technically challenging product at HackBeanPot 2022 🏆.
  • Supported gestures for controlling arrow keys, horizontal and vertical scrolling for going through presentations, seeking video playback and simply just scrolling through web pages.
  • The program classifies gestures by interpreting 21 key hand landmarks provided by a pre-trained neural network from MediaPipe (a Google-developed computer vision library).
  • Read full listing on Devpost!
Java Image Editor

June 2022

  • An image editor written in Java 8 that applies a variety of filters using matrix operations.
  • Utilizes the MVC architecture to decouple the Model, View and Controller.
  • The application supports common image types and .ppm images.
  • Can be interacted with using the GUI (made using Swing) and via the console through text inputs
  • Code is private, but can be made public upon request.

October 2021

  • A minimalist note-taking web app, written in Javascript, that transcribes spoken notes using the Web Speech API
  • It stores a collection of notes that can be modified in the future and persists them in the LocalStorage.