Hi, I'm 👋Suraj RamchandranI am a third-year Computer Science (B.S.) student at Northeastern University interested in Full-stack Development and Machine Learning.
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Sandbox @ Northeastern
  • Sandbox is Northeastern's student-led software consultancy where we develop software for clients from the university community
  • I am currently leading a group of 7 people (5 developers and 2 designers) to build a full-stack web application for a Northeastern professor and his Merit Committee.
  • This application is a performance review tool to be used for documenting and comparing faculty performance within the Arts and Design department. GitHub repo

Project Lead

January 2023 - Present

  • Led a rewrite that migrated our codebase from React and NestJS to NextJS because maintaining two standalone applications was too time consuming and slowed down development
  • Conducting design and code reviews to implement new features, and add documentation to existing functionality
  • Create agile-style tickets for developers to prioritize and effectively distribute development tasks
  • Have bi-weekly meetings with our professor client to discuss potential features, ask him questions on the design and interface and update him on development

Software Developer

September 2022 - Present

  • Wrote efficient API routes to perform add and update user, activity and performance on a Postgres database using Prisma ORM
  • Led database design meetings to brainstorm and update the database schema and how to implement new fields when new features were required
  • Implemented authentication across the frontend and backend using Auth.js and Google Auth in a Next.js application

TAMID @ Northeastern

December 2021 - May 2022

  • TAMID is a national consulting club that connects early-stage startups to university students
  • My team and I worked with Presently, a NY-based startup focused on building end-to-end platforms to make picking and giving gifts easier
  • I added animations, tooltips and other visual features to giftpicker.io (one of Presently's products) by writing new components in their React codebase, for my first deliverable
  • I conceptualized and developed a web app that matched users for a "secret santa" style gift exchange, in a team of 15 developers, for my second deliverable
  • For this, I wrote backend serverless functions that used k-NN clustering algorithms which paired users based on a list of common interests